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We provide the end customer with a manufacturer's guarantee for a period of 5 years from delivery of the goods to the end customer, and for our 24-hour chairs (Duera24 and Itera24) for a period of 2 years from delivery.

The manufacturer's guarantee covers all deviations of the goods from the agreed quality, the cause of which lies in the material, processing or design, unless an exception applies in accordance with section C.3. During the guarantee period, we will, at our discretion, remedy the defect by repair or deliver new goods. We will cover the material, transport, freight, wage and travel costs incurred. We do not accept any further liability within the scope of the guarantee.

The guarantee does not apply: a) if the product is used – with the exception of our 24-hour chairs – on more than 220 days a year or for more than 8 hours a day or by people weighing more than 125 kg. For our 24-hour chairs, the guarantee does not apply if the product is used by people weighing more than 150 kg. b) if there is no defect, e.g. if the operating instructions are not followed, if there is damage due to natural wear and tear of wearing parts (e.g. cover materials, castors, armrests, gliders), if there is damage due to climatic conditions (e.g. high humidity) or external influences (e.g. wet surfaces), if there is damage due to improper intervention or maintenance by people not authorized by us or due to materials sent in by the customer and processed by us (e.g. cover materials). In the event of a warranty claim, the end customer can either contact Klöber GmbH directly or the Klöber specialist retailer from whom they purchased the goods. The retailer will accept the warranty request and immediately coordinate the next steps with us.

The "CoMeet" chair shows its versatility, especially in the home office. With its high degree of material flexibility, it enables comfortable sitting in different rooms. Inspired by Klöber's archetype "Upholstery-like", this modular chair concept impresses with its clear design language and is available in different versions, both as a 4-legged chair and with a runner.

The seat and backrest are made of glass fiber reinforced polypropylene (PP) and are available in five colors inspired by the Lake Constance region. The "CoMeet" chair fits seamlessly into any work or living environment without dominating it. With its simple elegance, it brings the art of comfortable sitting into any room. It follows the principle "Less is more. Less is comfort."

Whether you want to hold cozy meetings in a relaxed atmosphere or enjoy productive coffee breaks in the office or at home, the "CoMeet" chair creates meeting points for open communication and places to recharge your batteries and gain inspiration. As a coffee and meeting chair, it is Klöber's new, homely archetype that is suitable for almost any occasion. A chair that fits everywhere, made on Lake Constance.

Joerg Bernauer

"Working environments are becoming increasingly homely in terms of appearance and atmosphere. At home or at work – it's all about making people feel comfortable. Homeliness is a guarantee of well-being – and that's what CoMeet stands for."



A regional success story that began with a young, courageous woman and continues to combine sustainability and innovation with aesthetics to this day. The inspiration is and remains the character and landscape of our Lake Constance home as well as our claim to reinvent “the art of sitting” in a comfortable way today and tomorrow.