Stehmatten sind ideale Begleiter für ein Home Office mit Standing Desk. Die gepolsterte Oberfläche entlastet Füße und Beine, fördert die Durchblutung und reduziert Ermüdung. So wird langes Arbeiten im Stehen angenehmer und gesünder.

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Why is working standing recommended?

Working while standing brings movement into everyday work and reduces constant sitting. This promotes blood circulation, increases energy and improves posture.

What are the health benefits of working while standing?

In the long term, it can reduce back pain and tension, reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease and increase productivity.

How can you make working while standing more comfortable?

An ergonomic doormat is helpful here. It relieves pressure on the feet and legs, absorbs shocks and promotes comfort when standing.

What role does the ergonomic doormat play?

The doormat ensures better pressure distribution on the feet and thereby promotes blood circulation. It reduces pressure on joints and muscle groups and minimizes signs of fatigue.

Are there any specific recommendations for choosing an ergonomic doormat?

Make sure it is of sufficient size, has good padding and is non-slip. An ergonomic mat should meet individual needs and increase workplace comfort.

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