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Matthias Dengg is a successful software developer and entrepreneur from Tyrol ( With great commitment, Matthias advises companies on how they can integrate user interactions via natural language into IT products or applications. As an IT specialist, Matthias knows all too well how important it is to have a workplace that supports ergonomic work.

Find out more about Matthias's path to a very special standing desk..

But first of all: Why is wood so awesome?

Wood is not only a beautiful building material for indoor use but also impresses with countless positive side effects on the psyche and body and is also an important climate protection and economic factor.

  • Wood as an economic factor In Austria, around 300,000 people live from the forest. In comparison, 248,000 people work in healthcare, 246,000 in construction and 204,000 in hospitality.
  • Forest Cities? Although, to Donald Trump's misunderstanding, we cannot boast of any "Forest Cities" in Austria, 47.9% of the area is still covered by forest and 1 cubic meter of wood grows every second!
  • Climate protection factor wood: With every cubic meter of wood used, a ton of CO2 is bound in the long term and at the same time a new tree grows back and closes the cycle!

You can find more facts about wood at

  • Step 1: What type of wood are you? Old wood or new wood?

Matthias initially considered several different types of wood. Among other things, he has taken a closer look at cherry wood. After further consideration, however, he decided on the slightly cheaper reclaimed oak. However, as with so many things, this decision is very individual and not all wood is the same.

Tabletop Standing Desk

  • Step 2: Gluing, planing, sanding & painting

In the second step, Matthias was primarily concerned with gluing the individual boards of the old oak together, planing off any rough unevenness and carefully sanding the table.

Tabletop Standing Desk
  • Step 3: Install at workstation

In the third step, the table top is mounted on the Hubert 2.0 frame. This supports up to 120kg and a solid wood panel is therefore no problem. The tangled cables are then carefully arranged in a cable tray and the IT equipment is installed.

Home office setupHome Office Setup - Cable Organization

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