A healthy diet in the home office

Working from home and eating healthy at the same time can be a huge challenge. Especially for those who don't like cooking for themselves or are no longer used to doing so. Unfortunately, there are many ways to cheat when it comes to eating: snacks, suppliers or simply eating too much. In this section we would like to point out bad habits that need to be avoided and also show you how to do it correctly. From researching meals to shopping and cooking, we would like to support you with the following tips.

Healthy eating starts on the shopping list

When it comes to nutrition, we recommend making a clear distinction between meals at home and meals away. Our recommendations are based on the fact that the majority of meals are consumed at home on weekdays and a good proportion of meals are consumed away at weekends. There are a few simple rules to follow when shopping...

  • Only go shopping with a shopping list. A good plan for healthy eating starts before you go shopping. Ideally, you shop around planned meals to keep your resolutions and avoid having to throw away food.
  • Never go shopping on an empty stomach. A tip that many of us have probably heard many times, but it couldn't be more important. We often make wrong decisions in the supermarket, especially when we are very hungry.
  • Don't buy junk food or sweets. These should be the exception to the rule. Better save these sins for the well-deserved weekend and don't make them a permanent part of your diet 😉

First take a sip of water

As a teenager or adult, you should consume around 35 ml of water per kilogram of body weight - that would be 2,800 ml or 2.8 liters for a body weight of 80 kg. Sufficient water is not only necessary to lubricate your organs but also helps you not misinterpret thirst as hunger.

  • The best way to control your water balance is to keep track of how much you drink every day. This works well with a drinking bottle or carafe.
  • Alternatives for sweetened drinks are well known but worth mentioning. Above all, various unsweetened tea drinks and water mixed with fruit taste and are good. 

The top 3 nutrition hacks

Many nutritional tips often seem repetitive. Unfortunately, often for the right reasons - as most of us still follow them poorly rather than well. However, the following tips are advice that we would rather classify as nutritional hacks.

  • Air, water, food. We recommend this order if you have any cravings for a snack. Many snacks on a regular basis are not because we feel hungry but rather because we need a break. In this case, stepping out onto the balcony and taking a deep sip from a glass of water usually helps more than a snack.
  • Keep your kitchen in tip-top shape. A sink full of dishes and cluttered countertops are definitely not good conditions for fulfilling your new resolutions. We always recommend leaving the kitchen a little cleaner than you found it and then nothing can go wrong 😊
  • Make cooking your hobby. For many it is already a wonderful hobby, just like it is for us. Above all, it is unfortunately the case that junk food fruits are regularly lower than healthy fruits and that is why we recommend finding joy in your new hobby. There are many ways to get excited about cooking. Above all, we are thinking about focusing more on food, local cultures and the perfect preparation.

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